LB-PVC Pipe Production Line

LB Machinery offers complete production line for PVC/UPVC pipe ranging from 16mm to 800mm. This production line can be used for making pipes with different diameters and wall thickness in the aspects such as the electrical conduit, agricultural and constructional plumbing.

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PVC powder + additive — mixing—material feeder—twin screw extruder—mould and calibrator—vacuum forming machine—spraying cooling machine—haul-off machine—cutting machine—discharge rack or pipe belling machine.


Model LB160 LB250 LB315 LB630 LB800
Pipe Range (mm) 50-160mm 75-250mm 110-315mm 315-630mm 500-800mm
Screw Model SJ65/132 SJ80/156 SJ92/188 SJ92/188 SJ92/188
Motor power 37KW 55KW 90KW 110KW 132KW
Output 250kg 350kg 550kg 600kg 700kg


Product detail


With specific design of mixer, the self-friction of raw materials is reduced. It is conducive to the efficiency of energy utilization. The Vacuum suction load with low noise and no-dust working situation.

LB-PVC Pipe Production Line (1)
LB-PVC Pipe Production Line (1)

Twin screw extruder machine

The extruder are crafted with top brand components to ensure production stability, efficiency and machine durability. Our conical twin screw extruder design cater to the raw materials feature ensuring homogeneous mixture, better plastification and conveying efficiency.

Vacuum Calibration & Cooling

The vacuum calibration tank adopt two chamber structure: the vacuum calibration and cooling parts. Both of vacuum tank and spraying cooling tank adopt stainless 304 steel. The excellent vacuum system ensures precise sizing for pipes.

LB-PVC Pipe Production Line (2)
LB-PVC Pipe Production Line (3)

Haul-off Unit

The three caterpillar on the haul-off machine ensures produced pipe running stably and steady. The haul-off units can make tailored hauling model based on certain production requirement by adjusting the general control.

Cutting Unit

The high accuracy encoder ensures a precise and stable cutting length. With PLC control system, it can be cut by manual operation according to the specific application.

LB-PVC Pipe Production Line (4)

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