LB-PVC Large Diameter Pipe Extrusion Line

LB Machinery offers the PVC large diameter pipe production line ranging from 315 to 1000mm. With years of exploration and research of the pipe extrusion line, we are experienced in the PVC large diameter pipe production line. The line has unique structure, novel design, reasonable layout, and reliable control performance.

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Processing Process

PVC powder + additive — mixing—material feeder—twin screw extruder—mould and calibrator—vacuum forming machine—spraying cooling machine—haul-off machine—cutting machine—discharge rack or pipe belling machine.


Model 630 800 1000
Pipe Range (mm) 315-630 560-800 630-1000
Screw Model 80/156 92/188 92/188
Throughput(kg) 350 800 1100


Product detail

Conical Twin Screw Extruder

We adopts Siemens standard motor and speed controlled by ABB inverter. The control system adopts Siemens PLC control or button control. The conical twin screw extruder of the pipe line adopt high efficiency screw & barrel, gearbox with self-lubrication system. With touch screen (optional) is more intelligent and easy operation.

peo (1)
peo (2)
peo (2)
LB-PVC Large Diameter Pipe Extrusion Line2


The mould has spacious flow channel design to guarantee high extrusion capacity and good melting effect.
It is made and inspected by the experienced manufacturer. The optimized temperature control and flow channel design ensures precise melt temperature control.

Vacuum Calibration & Cooling Unit

Both of vacuum tank and spraying cooling tank adopt stainless 304 steel. With adequate length of spraying and cooling will improve the cooling efficiency; Auto water temperature control system is adjusted according to the temperature sensing.

Vacuum Calibration  (1)
Vacuum Calibration  (3)
Vacuum Calibration  (2)
Vacuum Calibration  (4)
Vacuum Calibration  (5)
Haul-off Machine (1)

Haul-off Machine

The six caterpillar on the haul-off machine ensures produced pipe running stably and steady. The haul-off units can make tailored hauling model based on certain production requirement by adjusting the general control.

Haul-off Machine (1)
Haul-off Machine (2)
Haul-off Machine (3)


The high accuracy encoder ensures a precise and stable cutting length. With PLC control system, it can be cut by manual operation according to the specific application.

Cutter (1)
Cutter (2)
Cutter (1)
Cutter (3)
Belling machine (1)

Belling machine

The line has automatic online socketing system running stably and intelligently. It’s heating and cooling is  high-efficient and precise. The pipe socket is round and smooth. It provides two heating position for on-time belling by high line speed.

Belling machine (1)
Belling machine (2)
Belling machine (3)

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