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Who is Langbo Machinery?

Langbo Machinery is an vibrant and customer-centered machine industry. With a full passion for plastic production and persistent pursuit of customers satisfaction, our company is still on the way to improve ourselves. Since 2012, the founder of Langbo Machinery was focusing on the plastic extrusion and recycling. We supply high quality machinery and standalone units comprised of top brand components. Our clients can be found worldwide and we won praise like a tide.

Due to the constant focusing on plastic extrusion and recycling technology, we have mature competence to offering production lines for PVC/PE/PP-R pipe, PE/PP-R composite multi-layer pipe, PVC profile, PVC/PP/PE composite profile, PVC compounding and recycling for PET/PP/PE or other wasted plastics.

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What Services Does Langbo Machinery Provide?
1.Receiving the inquiry of order, we will provide quick response within 12 hours, providing Technical suggestions based on customer's requirement, making Layout of production line and detail technical configuration in offer.
2.For installation to stable running, our mechanician provides proper installation and set-up on-site. We have comprehensive user Training including functions, operations, maintenance, troubleshooting as well as tips and tricks. Operation documents for user will be sent together the machine line.
3.Maintenance to end of machine lifecycle will be provided. Our engineer provides inspection regulations to inform the current conditions of your machine. For unplanned machine problem our sales team will response quickly and coordinate with our mechanicians helping customer to solve problems. For wear part purchasing we guarantee the quality and a flawless compatibility with our machines, a quick delivery.

Why Langbo Machinery?
Upholding the belief of customer first and reputation priceless, we always try our best to serve and make the most suitable and tailed solutions to every customer, thinking in their shoes. We want to use our meager experience to provide a hand to the novice or a new factory. As we all know, investing is a gambling game. Opportunities and risks coexist. For that, a good partner means winning in at the starting line.
Ten years focusing in one yield achieve expert. our company has over 10 years of manufacturing experience in the plastic extrusion and recycling. The original intention of being responsible for each customers has never changed. Using top brand components to create best production line is unswerving. Giving us a chance, we will return you a surprise.


What is Enterprise Vision?

Customer first. Reputation priceless. Excellent quality. Considerate Service.

Founders& CEO

Bofeng Yin is the founder& CEO of Langbo Machinery. At present, Yin is the renowned expert in the extrusion machinery. Yin graduated in Mechanical Engineering in famous university. Since graduating, Yin entered the plastic extrusion machine industry. Worked in the technical department of a China well-known company, Yin always focus on the enhancement of professional knowledge and latest technology research. Yin has participated in the preparation of national standards for extrusion-related equipment. In 2012, Yin decided to establish Langbo Machinery that will be better integration of technology and production. Among the several years, Yin is dedicated to provide tailed solution and Forward-thinking service.

  • Adjusting the extruder

    Adjusting the extruder

  • Installing the cutting unit

    Installing the cutting unit

  • Operating the machine

    Operating the machine