LB-MPP Pipe Extrusion Line

This line is mainly used for producing MPP pipes with different diameters ranging from 16-315mm and different pipe wall thickness in the aspects such as the power electrical pipe. The feature of MPP pipe is resistant to high temperature. The external pressure is suitable for high-voltage transmission and cable pipes above 10KV. This line offers energy-saving motor and automatic control system. High standard manufacture and details apply for better operation and maintenance.

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Processing Process

Raw Material—feeder—single screw extruder—mould and calibrator—vacuum forming machine— spraying cooling machine—haul-off machine—cutting unit— stacker.


Model Pipe range Screw Model Motor power Total length Max output
LB-63 16-63mm SJ65 37KW 22m 80-120kg
LB-110 20-110mm SJ75 55KW 30m 100-160kg
LB-160 50-160mm SJ75 90KW 35m 120-250kg

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Single Screw Extruder & mould

The novel designed screw and barrel has better plasticizing effect. The clever matching between motor and screw based on production condition provide good performance and high output. We offer Siemens Motor and ABB Frequency inverter for worldwide after-sales service and easy maintainable. The PLC control system realized controlling the whole line in one site. Unique designed of flow channel for superb pipe shaping and reasonable melt pressure. The large spiral distributor ensures the excellent plasticizing effect and stable output of the plastic flowing.

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Vacuum Calibration & Cooling tank 

The vacuum and cooling unit equip frequency conversion control system for high energy conservation and high space saving. Adequate length of the vacuum and cooling calibration ensure the shaping and cooling of the MPP pipes.

Watering Tank

This line allocates high energy efficiency pump and large water tank for sufficient cooling time.

The whole body is 304 steel with sturdy structure design ensuring long lifetime.

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Haul-off Unit

The three caterpillar on the haul-off machine ensures produced pipe running stably and steady. We utilize a unique mechanism to prevent pipe ovality while our unique belt design assures proper pulling without slippage. Our pipe haul-off machine are servo motor driven to increase precision and production speed.

Rapid cutter

We provide rapid cutter for the MPP pipe production line as the extrusion speed on pipe is fast. The MPP production line has intelligent PLC control system. It can cut at the exact length getting fixed dimension products.

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Produced MPP Pipes

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