LB- PP/PE Film/Bag/Rigid scraps Washing& Recycling Line

The complete recycling production for wasted PP, PE film and bags including two parts. First part is crushing, washing and drying production for PP, PE etc. The final products after this complete production is clean soft flake or rigid scrap. The second part is pelletizing extrusion and its final products is pellet.

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LB Machinery PP/PE Film/Bag/Rigid scraps Washing& Recycling Line

PP/PE Film and bag is pervasive in our life. Meanwhile, it is an important part in the plastic recycling and processing industry. Through crushing the wasted film/Bag, we obtain small particle scrapes. After cold and hot water washing, we acquire clean and soft flakes or rigid scraps. Those clean scrapes is used for the next application. The process and re-sale is economical and eco-friendly which is a promising business.

Langbo Machinery has over 12 years experience in the LB Machinery PP/PE Film/Bag/Rigid scraps Washing& Recycling Line. We offer the recycling line to industry worldwide, and our recycling program is designed to reduce operating costs and obtain quality PET flakes.

Process of the film/bag/rigid scraps washing& recycling line

The processing procedure of the complete washing line consists of conveying – crushing - floating washer with cold water - agitating washer with hot water - floating washer with cold water - centrifugal drying/squeezing drying – collection.

What's included?

➢  Belt conveyor
➢ Shredder&crusher
➢ Hot Washer
➢ Centrifugal Dryer
➢ Cold Washer
➢ Floating Washer
➢ Collection


➢ Applicable material: PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, etc..
➢ Materials shape: woven bag, printed films, agricultural film, raffia and rigid scraps.

Production capacity

The production capacity can be 300kg/hr, 500kg/hr, 1000kg/hr.
Note: Depending on material shape, some units involved in complete line will be changed and available.

Product detail drawing

Complete Washing & Recycling Line1
Complete Washing Recycling Line2

Complete washing & recycling line

Crusher Recycling

Crusher recycling

Double Screw Friction Washer_ Recycling

Double screw friction washer recycling

Floating Cold Washer_Recycling

Floating cold washer recycling

Friction and Hot Washing

Friction and hot washing

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