Service and Support

Inquire to order (the reliable partner for your business success)

Easy to get in touch. Email, what's app message or website message can find us easily.
Quick response within 12 hours after getting inquire.
Technical suggestions based on customer's requirement.
Layout of production line and detail technical configuration in offer.
Spare part and wear part list for reliable running.
Discussion around the configurations and contract details.

Material to machines (building perfect machine is our strength)

Focusing on details and reliable production technology is our strength.
Machine design based on plant resource condition and individual requirements.
Perfect design and manufacturing in every details.
Operation oriented design in mechanical and electrical.
High quality parts from suppliers well-known in the industry.
Professional manufacturing by skilled workers.
Spare parts shipping with machines.
Long guarantee of warranty claims.
CE/ISO Certification for basic standard.

Installation to stable running (Commissioning and Training on-site)

Our mechanician provides proper installation and set-up on-site.
Stable running guarantee for any commissioning.
Comprehensive user Training including functions, operations, maintenance, troubleshooting as well as tips and tricks.
Operation documents for user.
Spare part and wear part handover.

Maintenance to end of machine lifecycle (we care our machines for all time)

Regular maintenance is the key for production efficiency and reliability.
Our engineer provides inspection regulations to inform the current conditions of your machine.
For unplanned machine problem our sales team will response quickly and coordinate with our mechanicians and helps customer to solve problems.
For wear part purchasing we guarantee the quality and a flawless compatibility with our machines, a quick delivery.

Route for Customized solution (machines for individual purpose)

Our engineers know, the suitable and successful solution can be achieved by paying attention to the individual needs and requirements from customer. Following steps show our comprehensive solution from inquiry to decommissioning.
Customer expectation.
Schematic extrusion process.
Plant and Resource check.

Technical configurations for Production line.
Production of machine.

Selection of Suppliers.
Coordination with Suppliers.

Manufacturing of Machine.
In-House test running.
Confirmation of Shipping date.

Assembly and Handover of Production Line.
Operation Training.
After Sales Service.

Professional Teams (the best result from professional staff )

Thanks to our powerful teams, Thousands of efficient and professional cooperation has be achieved. Our synergetic teamwork ensures a quick response and a professional result.
Sales Team
They response for communication with customers throughout the whole lifecycle of our machines.
They conclude all of technical needs and requirements from customer.
They lead the in-house test running, delivery and on-site commissioning.
They solve all the potential problem around our machines after-sales.
They collect customers’ feedback for continuous improving of our production line.

Engineering Team
They present technical configuration based on individual conditions and requirements.
They provide layout of the production line and check the Plant resource.
They provide spare part list for regular preventive maintenance.
They support to solve all kinds of technical problem during production and maintenance.
They response for machine production, test running, commissioning and training.
They follow the running conditions and customers’ suggestions for our customer.

Financial Team
They prepare sales contracts for customer.
They select the suitable supplier based on individual requirements before production.
They control the manufacturing process to ensure all of steps runs on time.