PVC Pipe Extrusion DN50-DN140 Line

Customer’s voice
I’d like to cooperate with Langbo machinery. They always keep us updated in the new machine and think all the details in my shoes that is conducive to further grow in my market.

Product: Pipe Extrusion Line with Diameter Range DN50-DN140

Whole process turn-key solution
Stable production with high output
High Automation for few labor requirement

Tailored Solution
1. Feeder screw designed for high output
Feeder screw is shaped by milling operation, which ensures a large volume of material conveying. The service time can also be guaranteed.

2. Three Caterpillar haul-off with fast connector
For a turn-key solution, one of the most important requirements is easy operation. Most of the connecting between machines is equipped with fast connector. This avoid the complex cable connection and let a easy operation in installation, maintenance and parameter set-up.

3. Double Oven Belling machine
For belling machine, we applied two heating ovens for rapid belling process. In the belling station the pipe end is already hot and can be shaped immediately. The shaping Productivity will not be influenced by belling process.

Reference product
Double strand
PVC Large Diameter

Post time: Oct-13-2022