PVC Pipe Extrusion DN110-DN250 Line

Product: PVC Pipe Extrusion Line with Diameter Range DN50-DN140

Whole process turn-key solution
Stable production with high output
High Automation for few labor requirement

Tailored Solution
1. Mixer Combination
For same kind of PVC material, the mixing process is necessary. During the mixing the PVC powder will be mixed with additives. Heating and cooling mixing will be automatic executive. After Mixing the material has to be stored for a certain time. And then the mixture will be conveyed into extruder. The whole mixing process will be automatic executive after parameter setting.

2. Parameter indicator
According to our experience on extrusion and operation, operator can monitor the extrusion process and operate the haul-off and cutting machine. Compared with touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface), the indicator panel can do most of operation and save the cost.

3. Laser Printer
Instead of Ink printer, laser printer is nowadays widely used because of its reliable work and low maintenance cost.

4. Double Oven Belling machine
For belling machine, we applied two heating ovens for rapid belling process. In the belling station the pipe end is already hot and can be shaped immediately. The shaping quality and productivity both will achieve the best performance.

Reference product
Double strand
PVC Large Diameter

Post time: Oct-13-2022