Plastic Strand Cutting Granulating Line

Customer’s voice
Langbo Machinery is our friendly partner. We have cooperated for several times. They always provide the best quality and reasonable price.

Compounding for Plastic Recycling
Strand cutting Granulating

Crushed Material feeded in Extruder
Plastic Recycling with additive
high throughput

Tailed solutions
1. Single screw feeder
It feeds crushed material evenly. Feeder is controlled with frequency inverter to ensure a large range of material conveying. High quality conveying screw for long service time.

2. Extruder with worldwide famous supplier
Siemens Motor works with ABB frequency inverter is our most used group for our international customer. The matching has not only reliable performance but has worldwide warranty, which guarantees our customer a good after-sales service.

3. In-house manufactured part with quality control
Gearbox, screws, barrel and so on are finished in house, which guarantees the processing precision and working performance during production. Sturdy machine frame is designed with the help of FEM method, which ensures the stiffness during production and transportation

Reference product
PP/PE Film Recycling&washing line
Water Slide Srand Granulating Line
Two screw Extruder

Post time: Oct-13-2022