Double Strand PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Product: Pipe Extrusion Line with Diameter Range DN20-75
With Mixer Combination and Belling Machine

High Productivity
Whole process turn-key solution
High Automation for few labor requirement

Tailored solution
1. Mixer Combination with vacuum and spiral loading system
Based on the Requirement of PVC Processing, mixers are necessary. With Different loading concepts the process can achieve a relative low noise and mixture quality
Automatic mixing and loading

2. Double strand for wide pipe range and high productivity
After analyzing of pipe production plan and discussion with customer, we decided one double strand extrusion line for DN50-110 and one extrusion line for lager pipe production. So that the high productivity can be kept for each size of pipe production.

3. Haul-off and cutting combination
For small pipe extrusion the combination structure can save factory space.

4. Double oven Belling machine
For belling machine, we applied two heating ovens for rapid belling process. In the belling station the pipe end is already hot and can be shaped immediately. The shaping Productivity will not be influenced by belling process.

Reference product
Double strand
PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

Post time: Oct-13-2022